Future Days – Pearl Jam

If I ever were to lose you
I’d surely lose myself
Everything I have found dear
I’m not found by myself

Try and sometimes you’ll succeed
To make this man of me
All my stolen missing parts
I’ve no need for anymore

I believe
And I believe ’cause I can see
Our future days, days of you and me

Back when I was feeling broken
I focused on a prayer,
You came deep as any ocean
Did something out there hear?

All the complexities and games.
No one wins but somehow they’re still played.
All the missing crooked hearts.
They may die but in us they live on.

I believe
And I believe ’cause I can see
Our future days, days of you and me

When hurricanes and cyclones raged,
When wind turned dirt to dust,
When floods—they came or tides they raised,
Ever closer became us

All the promises at sundown.
I’ve meant them like the rest.
All the demons used to come round.
I’m grateful now they’ve left

So persistent in my ways.
Hey, angel, I am here to stay.
No resistance, no alarms.
Please, this is just too good to be gone.

I believe
And I believe ’cause I can see
Our future days, days of you and me

You and me
Days of you and me



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